Canadians for Eyewear Choice

Canadians for Eyewear Choice

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Poor vision is not an option.
Choosing affordable eyewear online must be.

Tell Premier Kathleen Wynne, Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford and New Democratic Party Leader Andrea Horwath to act quickly to:

  1. Protect Ontario consumers’ freedom for choice when it comes to ordering eyeglasses and contact lenses online;
  2. End the legal uncertainty caused by outdated regulations that are unfair and inconvenient to consumers; and
  3. Join the 21st Century in allowing consumers to gain access to their eye health prescriptions through online services.
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Who We Are

We are Canadian families who want fair and affordable online access to eyeglasses and contact lenses. Some provinces have legal restrictions that prevent families from ordering prescription eyewear online. Others let consumers choose for themselves (making eyewear shopping affordable, convenient and fair). Restricting online eyewear purchases does not make sense in the 21st Century, where we can order pretty much anything online and have it delivered. The current restrictions on online eyewear ordering stifles competition and keeps prices high.

Read more about the issue from CBC News: Consumers eyeing court case that could limit online sales

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Why the petition?

The Ontario government needs to act to make sure eyewear consumers have a choice

We live in the 21st Century. Canadians can go online and buy groceries, winter tires, tech devices, wheelchairs, medical devices and even medical marijuana.

But in Ontario, you soon may not be able to order prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses online and have them delivered to your door.

That’s because in January, an Ontario Superior Court placed an injunction on online prescription eyewear dispensing, now waiting appeal. It essentially allows only licensed optometrists and opticians to sell online, excluding dozens of firms that specialize in online dispensing that make it affordable, fair and convenient to shop for eyewear.

Millions of Canadian eyewear customers have been served through online dispensing. Licensed practitioners still examine patients and write the prescription. After that, customers can easily order contact lenses or eyeglasses online and determine the proper fit and sizing on their own. Or they have the choice of going to an optometrist or optician if they want.

British Columbia allows customers to have a choice when it comes to online eyewear purchasing. So do many other jurisdictions.

The Ontario government needs to step in and stand up for consumer choice, fairness and affordability. We are asking all Ontario political party leaders to unanimously support rapid legislative changes to protect online prescription eyeglass and contact lens sales and delivery to firms capable of delivering quality products to customers, but without the expensive bureaucracy of added oversight by licensed practitioners.

We are concerned eyewear customers that want the government to settle the uncertainty from this injunction and protect consumer choice. Have your say on how you want to buy your glasses and contacts.

Visit us at Facebook, follow us on Twitter and sign the petition.